The simplest and cheapest diving kit in the world


We propose one model of compressor which can reach 10 bars:
Compressor alone
Compressor + EAZYDIVE
Compressor connected
160 l/mn (from 0 to 10 bars in 3 mn) 
Mono cylinder and piston, oil free
The compressors are delivered in a textile bag with a flexible pipe for inflation, a manometer and adapters for inflatable boats (tender, canoe, paddle, etc).
Do you know to inflate a tire ? Then you know how to inflate EAZYDIVE !

EAZYDIVE refills with a mere small compressor for tires. There are multiple 
models, powered by 12 V plug connected on the pods of a battery. A 
workshop compressor with a tip tire is also convenient. Recharging is 
free and unlimited and lasts 3 minutes, on the boat or on a car battery. 
A simple bicycle foot or hand pump may be sufficient, but it is longer. The 
tank can also possibly be inflated with the tire filling station at a car 
service stations. 

Inflation is done in quality open air. 
Our compressor has an elementary air filter, filtering only the dust.
So the ambient air should be as pure as possible. Absolutely avoid the 
proximity of an engine exhaust, smoke and suspicious odors. If the air 
intake is of good quality, the air contained in EAZYDIVE will easily check 
the standard in this matter (European Standard EN 12021).