The simplest and cheapest diving kit in the world


How to use:

Check that EAZYDIVE is correctly inflated (see "inflation" by clicking here), 10 bars being the maximum usage pressure. It is also the pressure to achieve to make the most of your dive. At any time, you can check the cylinder pressure with a tire gauge, or the compressor pressure gauge. Remove the regulator from the backpack and then close it by tightening the laces. Put the packpack on your back, and buckle the lap belt. Check you get a weight belt and palms. Adjust your mask and put the snorkel in your mouth. Avoid breathing in the regulator before immersing itself in order to save the air in the bottle. When you are in the water and ready for immersion, breathe in air, release the tip of the snorkel, then put the regulator in your mouth. Start immersion.

Learn how to control your breathing. By making small apneas between each breath, you can easily double the dive time. Avoid breathlessness or sudden movements. With a good weighing you will also save air. Learn how to manage your air capacity as best as possible. Hence you maximize your dive time.

EAZYDIVE essentially aims to perform short dives or incursions, generally between 3 and 6 minutes depending on your air consumption, lung capacity and depth of diving.

As soon as breathing becomes hard, the tank is almost empty, immediately stop work and calmy start your ascent.


WARNING: Even in a limited framework the practice of scuba diving requires a basic training level, a medical fitness and a good physical condition. For your first dive, never dive alone, but accompanied by a competent person.

Let us recall few basic safety rules: