The simplest and cheapest diving kit in the world













1. Why this concept of low pressure diver (12 bars) while all "regular" diving bottles are in high pressure (200 bars) ?

The high pressure makes it possible to have a good autonomy, in other words to dive longer and deeper. But the disadvantage is the high cost of the equipment and the constraints it imposes: periodic mandatory inspection , re-testing, inflation in diving club.

With the low pressure, these problems disappear and the inflation is done very simply and with no cost, with a mere tire inflator. The counterpart is that the time and the depth of diving are limited, let's say around 5 minutes. But this is enough for small occasional dives, such as those that occasionally have to make the boaters under their boat or small initiations to the diving from the beach or the boat.

EAZYDIVE is an innovation allowing the occasional divers not to pay for the high-pressure diving "over-quality".

2. How long does a dive with EAZYDIVE last ?

It depends on the depth, the work or effort done and the lung capacity of each person. Order of idea: 5 minutes at 5 meters. This is enough for occasional short dives, such as those that boaters must make from time to time under their boat or short introductions to beach or boat diving.

If the user wishes to increase the dive time, to refit his hull or make minor repairs, he must use the EAZYDIVE hookah system. The dive is then limited to 60 minutes. Above this point, the compressor may deteriorate due to overheating. He can resume diving after a 60-minute compressor cooling period. And so on and so forth.

3. How deep can I dive with EAZYDIVE?

Technically, there is no depth limit, except common sense and caution. EAZYDIVE is not a deep diving equipment, it is designed for diving under the hull of the boat or at anchor, mainly in the 0 - 10 m range.

4. How much does a dive cost with EAZYDIVE ?

The EAZYDIVE + compressor package costs about 700 Euros/USD. If you perform 100 dives, each dive will cost you 7 euros, if you make 1,000 dives, each dive will cost you 0.7 euros. Because there is no additional charge such as inflating, tank periodical mandatory testing, etc. It is just the cheapest dive in the world. For comparison, a first dive in club costs today about 70 euros. We are just not on the same scale.

5. How does EAZYDIVE inflate ?

A standardized tire valve is incorporated. The compressor plugs in exactly as you inflate the tires in your car. The compressors we sell allow up to 12 
bars, which is not the case for all tire compressors. They connect with clamps to the terminals of the 12 volts battery of the boat or car. We preferably 
avoid the connection to a cigar lighter type socket as it may not offering sufficient amperage (25 A).
If the batteries are not easily accessible, it is possible to inflate the bottle or to use the hookah with a small 220 V workshop compressor.

This simplicity is all the trick of EAZYDIVE. Let's no longer hear: "Diving is good but it's expensive and complicated!"

6. Is it legal and regulatory to dive with EAZYDIVE ?

It is perfectly legal and regulatory to dive with EAZYDIVE.

In Europe and in most countries, diving is an activity freely exercised, without legal constraint, under the individual responsibility of each practitioner. 
The best practices of scuba diving and training are proposed by various national or international organizations to supervise this activity for safety. 
On the other hand, binding national and european regulations apply to scuba diving devices particularly containers under pressure. 
These equipments, bottles, regulators and compressors, are generally managed by the diving clubs.

7. Is there no risk ?

EAZYDIVE is made for a very long term, risk-free use:
- The tank is inflated to 12 bar (PS) for a test pressure of 27 bar (PT)
- It is made of stainless steel, no corrosion even in seawater
- It is equipped with an overpressure valve set at 27 bar
- The valve is equipped with a pressure gauge to check the cylinder pressure
- It is equipped with a valve to prevent leakage 

In short, in standard version it is more equipped than any other diving equipment in the world.

8. Is the compressor equipped with a filter, is compressed air in the cylinder polluted ?

The compressor we sell is oil-free, so there is no trace of oil in the air breathed. It is equipped with a dust filter.
The air in the tank is the ambient air sucked in by the compressor during inflation. If this air is of good quality, the air breathed during the dive
is of course also of good quality. 

Without going into complicated explanations, the harmfulness of certain air pollutants such as carbon dioxide is reinforced by the higher pressure to which they are subjected during the dive, since the ambient pressure increases with depth. But EAZYDIVE is not made for deep dives nor long, so this risk of poisoning does not exist.

A little headache during the dive (symptom of a partial CO2 pressure a little too high)? 3 small fins impulsions up and you are at the surface, 
breathing the outside air. When inflating, absolutely avoid the proximity of an engine exhaust, smoke and suspicious odors. If the air intake is healthy, 
if the inflation is done on the seashore for example, the air contained in EAZYDIVE will largely verify the standard in this matter: European Standard 
EN 12021.

9. What is the lifetime of EAZYDIVE ?

Formally, there are none. The inflation valve and its small valve are easily changed. The regulator is revised or changed. To increase the longevity of 
EAZYDIVE, rinse with fresh water after each use in sea water.
EAZYDIVE has a stainless steel container, and does not face corrosion even in sea water.      

10. What is EAZYDIVE servicing ?

EAZYDIVE requires virtually no maintenance. To ensure a long life, rinse it after a stay in sea water. The inflation valve is a standard tire valve in stainless steel or plated brass. It can be changed by unscrewing it. The shell of the valve (this is the small valve screwed inside the tire valve) is standard and can be changed at any tire dealer in the world.

A kit of spare parts: 2 spare shells, O rings and tire valve caps, are supplied with the EAZYDIVE kit. 
Some condensation water may remain in your EAZYDIVE.
After each season, unscrew the valve by hand, turn the container over to empty it, eventually let it evaporate few hours, then screw the 
valve back in again.      

11. What are the precautions for use ?

Even under limited circumstances, the practice of scuba diving requires basic training, medical fitness and a good physical condition. For your first dive, never dive alone, but accompanied by a competent person. It is not advisable to dive children under 12 and if they are not already good swimmers. Refer to the safety rules for scuba diving including:

12. How to optimize my diving time with EAZYDIVE ?

Before diving, check that EAZYDIVE is well inflated, 12 bars is the maximum pressure. It is also the pressure to reach to make the most of your dive. It is possible to check the pressure of the bottle with a simple tire pressure gauge or the pressure gauge of the compressor at any time.

Avoid breathing in the pressure regulator before immersion properly so as to save air from the bottle. When you are in the water, ready for immersion, inhale in the open air, let go of the snorkel, then put the regulator in the mouth. Begin immersion. Learn how to control your breathing. We advise you to make short apneas between each inspiration. You can significantly increase your diving time. Avoid shortness of breath, and abrupt movements. A good weighing will also save you air.

EAZYDIVE is designed for short diving or incursion, usually between 3 and 6 mn, depending on your breathing capacity and depth of diving. As soon as the breathing becomes harder, immediately cease your work and calmly begin your ascent.

If you want to dive longer, up to 60 minutes, use the EAZYDIVE hookah system.

13. Can we fly with EAZYDIVE ?

Our customers do it frequently. This is another additional benefit of EAZYDIVE.
International regulations (IATA) allow diving equipment to be taken with them, provided they are not under pressure. For safety reasons, it is 
advised to unscrew the valve from the tank to show that there is no pressure inside. 

14. How much inflations of EAZYDIVE can be done with the compressor on the batteries of a boat without starting the engine ?

The 65 l/min compressor will consume an average of 25 Amperes for 5 minutes or about 1.5 Ah. Thus Ampere-hour energy consumption is:
- During the 5 minutes tank inflation: about 1.5 Ah
- During a one hour hookah dive: about 25 Ah
Most medium-sized boat batteries have a capacity of 60 to 70 Ah, but more generally 120 Ah. 
So you can easily perform about 20 inflations of your EAZYDIVE tank or two hookah dives without worries, but everything depends on the other 
consumptions on-board and the state of your battery. 

Caution, the primary role of the battery is to start the engine and power the on-board circuits.
If you have two 12 V batteries in parallel, common case on boats, it would be prudent to:
- Isolate one of them, 
- Connect the EAZYDIVE compressor on one of the two batteries, the second remaining in reserve
- Reconnect both batteries together after EAZYDIVE inflations.