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EAZYDIVE was happy to come and meet you in end 2020 at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle, and the Nautic in Paris. But unfortunately all these shows are cancelled. See you next time!

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EAZYDIVE is a low pressure full diving kit allowing short dives to 10 meters deep











 The EAZYDIVE air tank is composed of:

- A 9 liters stainless steel tank. 
- A tapsystem including a tire type valve allowing inflation, a diving regulator connexion, a block valve, a manometer, a pressure relief valve and a carrying 
- A regulator and a facial manometer. 
- A custom backpack that holds everything and includes a carrying handle. 
With 4 diving weights of 2 kg each, the EAZYDIVE cylinder has a zero weight under water. Weight in the air (without lest) is 3 kg.
It is particularly recommended for boaters who need to perform a short dive below their boat.
It fills up to 12 bars with a small compressor for tires on the terminals of a 12V car or boat battery. A simple bicycle pump may be fine! Refill is free 
and unlimited. It is done in 5 minutes, on the boat or on a car battery.










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October 2020 : Confinement again... it becomes a mania : "Covidmania" (rock!)

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EAZYDIVE is an innovative low-pressure diving system, consisting of an air tank,
a compressor and hookah, which can be combined together.

The low-pressure EAZYDIVE scuba diving system can be used in 3 ways :

 1.	In scuba diving : The air tank is inflated by the compressor and allows a
limited autonomy of about 5 minutes.
 2.	In hookah diving : It is permanently supplied in air by the compressor by
 means of an air hose. It extends the dive time to 60 minutes:
- Either the diver is connected directly to the pipe without the tank.
- Either the diver wishes to use the EAZYDIVE tank, the pipe then flows into the 
cylinder. It can eventually be disconnected and reconnected underwater for an 
incursion without the constraint of the pipe.

EAZYDIVE is not subject to the mandatory periodic re-testing of scuba tanks.
It can also be used for small discovery or initiation dives, at anchor or from the 
beach. It is the ideal equipment for a short baptism diving (with attendant 
Children from 7 years old can use EAZYDIVE only if they can swim well andunder 
a trained adult supervision.


 Storytelling :
 EAZYDIVE was designed and engineered by former Commando Hubert Navy combat swimmers, each totaling more than 5 000 hours of diving, with all types 
of appliances, all gas mixtures and in all conditions. 
 Away from the constraints of their former profession, they want to demystify and facilitate diving. 
 Objective : To enable as many people as possible to enjoy small dives, in an easy and economical way, in a limited framework.

For the Covid confinement, David offers you a rock song : "Enfermés" ("Locked up")!

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