The simplest and cheapest diving kit in the world


EAZYDIVE is a low pressure full diving kit allowing short dives to 10 meters deep






EAZYDIVE is composed of:
With an additionnal 8 kg lest of 4 diving weights, EAZYDIVE has a zero 
weight under water. Weight in the air (without lest) is 3 kg.
It is particularly recommended for boaters who need to perform a short 
dive below their boat.
It fills up to 10 bars with a small compressor for tires on the terminals of a 
12V car or boat battery. A simple bicycle pump may be fine! Refill is free 
and unlimited. It is done in 5 minutes, on the boat or on a car battery.
It can also be used for small discovery or initiation dives, at anchor or 
from the beach. It is the ideal equipment for a short baptism diving 
(with attendant confirmed!) 
Children can use EAZYDIVE from 7 years but only if they can swim well and
under an adult supervision.


 Storytelling :
 EAZYDIVE was designed and engineered by former Commando Hubert combat swimmers, each totaling more than 5 000 hours of diving, with all types of 
 appliances, all gas mixtures and in all conditions. 
 Away from the constraints of their former profession, they want to demystify and facilitate diving. 
 Objective : To enable as many people as possible to enjoy small dives, in an easy and economical way, in a limited framework.